Tractor and Trailer Planter


Tractor + Trailer Wooden Garden Planter
Plant Pot Display – Treated Farmer
Decking Wood
Wheel carriage on Farm Trailer and tractor
chassis realistically rotates

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Have you been looking for some décor for the garden that can do double duty?
If you want to have some fun with the garden, and you want to have a new succulent planter,
this could be a good option. The Green Farmer Tractor and succulent planter is going to be a great choice.
It can fit in quite nicely if you have a farmyard setup in the garden,
but it could also work with other types of displays, as well.
It has enough room in the back, so you can plant some real succulents,
which is a nice touch.Made of decking wood
Dimensions approx. Tractor 24cm W x 54cm L x 23cm H
Dimensions approx. Trailer 25cm W x 63cm L x 23cm H
Made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for production and delivery.
Slight variation in colour may occur due to this item being individually produced.
This product is not a toy. For ornamental and garden use only
Personalised name can be carved for £5 charge on trailer
Extra trailer can be charged for £25 + P&P charge
please see product gallery
Flower just for illustrative purpose, they are not included
Great gift for Farm Tractor enthusiast
‘Rustic’ – Style designs.
Wood can vary in colour and finish
Edges are sometimes
A little rough but we feel
this adds to its charm.